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Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark

~jay danzie

I now teach 14 classes a week and can safely say I have a successful business of my own. Fiona has been instrumental in this, she is truly an inspiration. She has such a wealth of knowledge which she is readily willing to share, not only about fitness but about running a business as a whole. Fiona teaches you how to teach a class, not to demonstrate one, which I now know after a few years in the business is actually quite unusual.

Fiona teaches you how to be the best at what you do and how to stand out from the rest, for all the best reasons. I know that Fiona is there whenever I need any advice or guidance and to me that is invaluable. I would recommend Fiona Brown every time.

Yvonne Rodger

DON’T Doubt! ……..DO IT!!

My story is that I met Fiona years ago, 23 years ago actually, when I was teaching aerobics and Fiona was looking for people to teach Moves Fitness, which was a dance fitness class using pre-choreographed music and vinyl records! We clicked instantly as we both had the same driving ambitions to do more with fitness. I cannot speak highly enough of Fiona’s passion, energy and enthusiasm in the fitness industry. She has an enviable knowledge and understanding in all fitness related subjects but especially mat Pilates. I have done the Level 3 mat Pilates qualification at The EnergyWise Academy and it was really, really enjoyable, not like a normal course! A superb location, friendly small group, well taught, relaxed but non-intimidating and self-gratifying experience.

Fiona is welcoming, encouraging, and approachable and has an incredible teaching technique!

If it’s a business in fitness you are looking for FIONA BROWN is your woman! Go And DO IT!! NOW!!

Moyra Millar

Having someone that you can communicate with that provides good, helpful and friendly advice and has the care and concern to enable continued channels of communication to remain open is reassuring as your career continues and develops. Fiona Brown is that person.

Sylvia Williams

Four years ago I met Fiona Brown to do my Realistic Pilates training, and I can honestly say that life has not been the same since! If you are pondering what to do next, or how to promote what you currently do now then Fiona is the one to speak to. I have found her to be an inspiration, enthusiastic, and willing to share all her knowledge and experience to help others on their career path.

I have gained so much valuable knowledge over the years, and been able to make positive changes to further my career in the Fitness Industry, which is all down to knowing this woman! She has made me think about things I never thought about before: like working “on the business” instead of just in it; having my own website; wearing a uniform; stationery; and much more besides, all of which have helped me to promote a positive professional image.

She continues to be a very hard working woman, always striving to help others and keep up to date with all that is current, that I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her if you need any guidance.

Amanda Richard

Fiona told me during my Exercise To Music training that she would always be on hand to offer advice when I needed.

Sometimes people say this but don’t really mean it. I was in need of advice on something before my class so I texted Fiona and right enough she called and went through things with me on the phone.

I was delighted she had kept her word and now I know that I can ask for help whenever I need it. She has made it clear that the door is always open for help and advice and further learning.

For future development in my fitness career Fiona Brown & The EnergyWise Academy will be where I’ll be.

Lindsay Anderson

From the outset, Fiona and her style of mentorship have given me confidence and solid foundations on which to build my Pilates business. Without Fiona’s influence, I wouldn’t enjoy my job as much as I do.

Ruth McGowan Ph. D.

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